With our 30 Years of experience Shopfitting GB feels proud to provide the best Shop Security solution for your business.

Security is very important subject for any business, unfortunately due to the increasing number of theft and fraudulent activities such as burglars, shoplifters, thieves, fake currency exchanges and a lot of day to day issues its essential to make shopping environment safe and secure for the customers as well as business owners.

For your own piece of mind and safety you can look into various items, we at Shopfitting GB provides a complete shop security system that includes High Definition CCTV Cameras, DVRs and Monitors.

CCTV System in connection with a secure network allows the trained personnel to monitor live or backup recording of the CCTV footage of your Shop. This secure feed however can be accessed by the business owners on the personal smart phone as well. So there is no need to be in the Store itself in order to view your live broadcast. You can also choose motion based CCTV cameras for sensitive places like Store Room, Rear Exit Door and behind the counter.

Should you wish to discuss your shop security requirements please feel free to contact us at 0115 946 3101 or 07724 760200.