Methods For Cleaning and Maintenance of Cold Rooms

Methods for the Cleaning and Maintenance of Cold Rooms


When it comes to the need of storing bulky food products in a refrigerated environment, Cold Rooms are the best choices at commercial levels. This is a perfect storage space to store all kind of foods i.e. Drink & Dairy products as well frozen foods and vegetables for freezer rooms.

This guide is designed for shop owners and staff who are responsible for their businesses who have cold rooms.

Every cold room needs to be properly maintained in order for it to function properly. Cleanness is very important for perfect and healthy foods in cold storage.

For the best efficiency of cold room, its refrigeration system should be maintained at all times. The desired / required temperatures should be maintained as its a requirement for your food, in order to get the best performance from cold rooms, the compressor should be cleaned properly, as the condensation pipes get blocked after sometime, therefore they need a proper service. We suggest to get it serviced thoroughly from a certified refrigeration engineer every 6 months. 

Fans, condenser and evaporators should also be cleaned repeatedly to ensure perfect, efficient and functional performance of refrigeration systems. Also maintenance checks should be performed on daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Following methods one should ensure to maintain performance of cold rooms:

  • Check your compressors for the leakage of any oil regularly.
  • Never forgot to check the Freon levels of cold room
  • Check if there is any ice on the evaporators of cold room.
  • Daily check head pressure of the secondary systems.
  • Note down the temperature to ensure health of the foods

Following methods should be adopted on a monthly routines to maintain best efficiency of your cold room:

  • The Condenser coils should by cleaned properly.
  • Always clean the evaporator, evaporator casing and cooler fins.
  • Always check the cooling performance.
  • Ensure that refrigerant levels are working perfectly.
  • Check to ensure if control valves are working efficiently.
  • Check to ensure if defrosting system is functionally.
  • Calibrate the temperature of cold rooms.
  • Ensure that the refrigerated system is working properly and perform a functional test of system.



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