suspended ceiling

Its vital to choose the right cieling for your Retail Shop, Restaurants, Coffee Shops or Supermarkets, we have been involved in shopfitting services for 30 years ahve a vast experience and knowledge to help customers in order to come to the right suitable decision when it comes to the selection of Suspended ceiling.

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Suspended Ceilings

Ceiling Systems can meet many performance requirements, strength, fire, thermal, sound and vapour permeability can all be achieved. Ceiling systems are versatile, different shapes can be created with a variety of features incorporated, such as bulkheads, canopies and lighting.


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When customers venture out in the consumer world, they look for more than just good products and services. They also want an agreeable experience, often ambience and design solutions help make a memorable experience.


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Hygiene and maintenance are a top priority in healthcare environments. A smooth ceiling surface is ideal for treatment rooms and utility areas and provide a solution to meet ISO 3 requirements.


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Ceiling Grid Systems

Suspended ceiling systems contribute to the interior design, acoustics and overall environmental impacts of a building. We understand that different locations require varied performances from your grid systems.


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Bright and Spacious office requirements make for happier and more productive workers. This can be achieved through ergonomic design, extending, enhanced lighting, optimised, sound absorption and improved acoustics and design.


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Acoustics present a major challenge for education institutions. Concentration and intelligence ability require acoustical performance demands that our teachers need today to improve their working conditions as well as their students.


Island Ceiling

These allow architects and designers to balance clever and innovative design with the need for good performance.

Canopies provide modern monolithic designs with no visible grid.

Island ceilings provide solutions for:

  • The need for flexible work spaces, with easy relocation
  • Acoustic comfort, with high levels of sound absorption
  • Visual comfort, with high light reflectance
  • Contemporary Solutions, with thermal mass constructions in large open plan areas.