Buying a Cold Rooms? Tips to Buy The Right Cold Room


Cold Rooms are a great choice when it comes to store food at a larger scale such as commercially. Normal Fridges does not have bulk storage when it comes to saving a month’s stock. Customers and business reputation can suffer in a busy place with no cold rooms. Secondly maintaining a cold room is far […]


How to Work Efficiently in a Cold Room Environment?

How to Work Efficiently in a Cold Room Environment

  Due to the large storage space of the cold rooms they are constantly used in the commercial areas for cold storage. They have the ability to store a large quantity of food that is meant to be kept at cold temperatures. This way they can help keep the food fresh for longer periods of […]


Methods For Cleaning and Maintenance of Cold Rooms

Methods for the Cleaning and Maintenance of Cold Rooms

  When it comes to the need of storing bulky food products in a refrigerated environment, Cold Rooms are the best choices at commercial levels. This is a perfect storage space to store all kind of foods i.e. Drink & Dairy products as well frozen foods and vegetables for freezer rooms. This guide is designed […]


Commercial Freezer Room Project at Kautex Unipart Ltd

Commercial Freezer Room

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