Buying a Cold Rooms? Tips to Buy The Right Cold Room


Walk-in cold rooms are a great choice when it comes to store food at a larger scale such as commercially. Normal fridges does not have bulk storage when it comes to saving a month’s stock. Customers and business reputation can suffer in a busy place with no cold rooms.

Secondly maintaining a cold room is far easier than maintaining multiple fridges in a kitchen. Now that you have decided that you need a cold room, you must be thinking which cold room should I go for? Which cold room is the right one? How many types of cold rooms are available in the market to choose from?

This article will help you to understand the different in the available types of walk-in cold rooms available in the market today.

Cold rooms are classified into three types to decide which is suitable for your business.

  1. Modular Cold Rooms
  2. Combination Cold Rooms
  3. Industrial Cold Rooms

1. Modular Cold rooms:

A modular cold-storage room is the most flexible solution when it comes to restricted or limited storage areas. These are also known as commercial refrigeration rooms. These cold rooms are designed to fulfil different requirements at different places. Panels, floor, ceiling and walls are connected together to made a cold room. These cold rooms are really easy to build and can be installed in couple of hours depending on their size and restriction on the site.


2. Combination Cold Rooms:

When your business has a requirement to have a dual-temperature in your business, these types of combination cold rooms come in handy. At Kitchen or places with catering requirements combination cold rooms are in high demand. Different variety of foods requires different temperature to maintain the freshness of foods in cold rooms. Combination cold rooms are the solution of this problem. Your will maintain different temperature in these cold rooms. It has two doors the first doors is cold and the internal one is freezer section or as per your requirement. In short different temperature zones can be maintained and these are controlled by a selection of refrigeration units. These Cold rooms are authentic, safe, easy to use and clean.


3. Industrial Cold Rooms:

As by its name, when it comes to a requirement as big as on an industrial scale, the industrial cold rooms are build to cover bigger areas such as a warehouse. The Industrial Cold Rooms are used to store the huge quantity of foods. You can also use vehicles in it to transport big pallets around. This type of storage are generally more systematic and decrease the food wastage. These rooms are also secured with premium large layer of injected Polyurethane insulation which is food safe and is better for maintaining temperature. There are difference thickness of layers optionally provided in the market for more better performance.


Before you buy any of the above cold room you have to decide where you want your Cold room to come with Floor or not. We prefer cold rooms with Floor as they have protective foot safe layer for easy walking also it keeps food safe from insects but in industrial cold rooms Flooring wont be a cost effective solution. The insulated floors are compulsory for low temperature rooms. It will maintain the perfect temperature. Insulation will increase the efficiency of cold rooms.



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